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Through financial clarity, we provide you with the financial confidence you need to achieve more. Our cost-effective and scalable finance and accounting outsourcing solutions deliver the meaningful, timely and accurate financial information and guidance you need to make better business decisions, minimize compliance-related risks and improve financial performance.

We’ve built the technologies and systems that allow our staff to work remotely, ensuring that we can continue to meet critical client deadlines and that our clients will have access to their finance and accounting information.

What We Do – Finance as a Service (FaaS)

The Next Level of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)

RFS’ FaaS Solution supports more than $1 billion of client revenue, providing our clients with the financial clarity they need to achieve more with financial confidence.

We combine a team of experienced finance, accounting, tax and HR professionals with our leading-edge workflow technology that streamlines process and delivers an unprecedented view of your company’s performance.

Experience the Difference!

Fill in the Gaps

Keep your existing team and accounting software while filling in the gaps with our team and  RFSWorkflow platform.

Replace Your Existing System

Replace your existing team and accounting software with a cost-effective, scalable and complete solution.

Start Off Ready to Grow

Start off with a base-line accounting system that can scale with you as you grow.  Avoid common missteps and focus on your core business from day one.

Our FaaS Solutions

Whether you are seeking full-service finance and accounting solutions or want to choose the solution that best fits your company’s needs, turn to RFS for the financial clarity you need to make confident business decisions and achieve more—all at the fraction of the cost of managing these processes internally.

Our solution options include:


Financial Management

Accounting and
Functional Services

Accounting Services

Tax and
Compliance Services

Tax and Compliance Services

Human Resource Support

GovCon DCAA Compliance

We work in a wide range of industries:

GovCon/DCAA Compliance

Financial Management

Nonprofit Organizations

Accounting Services

Startups (With or Without Venture Funding)

Tax and Compliance Services

Technology Companies including SaaS



What our clients are saying

I just wanted to thank the entire (RFS) team, you all did a fantastic job and were on point throughout the entire process. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Michael R. McGowan

CEO, Skyris Regarding the Sale of His Company

You have been instrumental in making sure our accounting system is DCAA compliant. As a government contractor, we realized that we needed a firm that knew the GovCon world and DCAA compliance. When we engaged your services, we were trying to prepare for our first prime contract win and wanted to make sure our accounting and principals were established and on track. You made sure we were DCAA audit ready, and we passed with flying colors.

Patti P. Powell

Sr. Vice President, Island IT Consultants, Inc.

Rose Financial Solutions is a great partner. They transformed our rudimentary accounting processes into an automated system that delivers best practices and high-level financial insight.

KoJo Addae-Mintah

CEO and Founder , WhirlWind Technologies

Rose Financial Solutions is a thought leader in guiding small companies to great financial health and wealth. Having worked with you for 15 years, you have always impressed me with your level of expertise and service. That’s why when I joined Y-Tech, I recommended you to them. Once again, I have found your deep insight in government contracting to be exceptional. Your global understanding of government pricing and financial requirements and knowledge of CONUS and OCUNUS personnel pricing has been invaluable.

Greg Freeland

Exec. Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Management, Y-Tech

7 Insider Financial Clarity Secrets

Find out how FaaS can provide you with Financial Clarity in 30 days.


Easby™ Powered by RFSWorkflow™

Our leading-edge platform, Easby, turns your current accounting system into an invaluable business intelligence tool with functionality traditionally only available in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 

Easby ties all your financial and non-financial information together into a high-level dashboard that allows you to: 

  • Access financial information in near real-time, anytime, anywhere.
  • Calculate, monitor, measure and compare key performance indicators (KPIs) against your goals.
  • Set a course for confident business decisions.

And, that’s just the beginning.


Easby Makes it Easy!®

Meet Easby™ powered by RFSWorklow™, the business process and intelligence resource that delivers the next generation of finance and accounting technology. He’s intelligent, insightful and cost-effective, and has the power to advance your business outcomes in order to gain a competitive advantage.

We’re an industry pioneer. In 2005, we led the charge in transitioning manual accounting methods to automated processes by implementing electronic workflow solutions into our business and outsourcing services. While many finance and accounting outsourcing firms claim to be innovative, they’re years behind in providing the systems and best practices we’ve been developing and delivering to clients for over a decade.  Today we’re leading the charge in Finance as a Service (FaaS).

We’re more than accountants, we’re trusted advisors. Our part-time CFOs and finance managers provide superior financial guidance to our clients—and serve as their trusted advisors. This includes strategic financial management, cash management, debt management, budgeting and financial analysis including providing key performance indicators and recommendations for financial performance improvements. Meanwhile our tax, HR and GovCon/DCAA consultants work to minimize compliance-related risks.

We’re cost-effective and scalable.Through our advanced technologies and cloud-based platform, we’ll ensure you have a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure, saving you approximately 20 to 50 percent of what it would cost to manage these processes internally.

Configure your Finance and Accounting Solution

Why RFS?

Finance as a Service Webinar

Find Out How Your Company Can Benefit from FaaS!

Easby Does It

Easby is the Business Process and Intelligence Resource the C-Suite has been looking for to improve an organization’s financial performance through financial clarity.

 View our “Easby Does It” series and learn more about how Easby is transforming the finance and accounting industry.

Every Great Story Starts Somewhere
In a galaxy far, far away, the #Easby saga starts to unfold.

Season 1 | Episode 1 – First Contact
The team reminisces about the first time they met Easby.

Season 1 | Episode 2 – Easby in the Office
The RFS team learns how to work with Easby.

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