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Rose Financial Services was founded in 1994 and coined the term “Accounting Outsourcing” in early 1995.  Rose Financial Services is a pioneer in the accounting and financial outsourcing industry and is now recognized as the Premier U.S. Based Accounting and Financial Outsourcing Firm.  We are a growing and diverse accounting firm located in Rockville, Maryland whose primary offerings are accounting and financial outsourcing services.  We have professionals at all stages of their professional careers; all of which are CPA’s or on a CPA career track. 

What We Do

Rose Financial Services offers companies a full spectrum of accounting and financial outsourcing services which help increase productivity and profitability.  We provide services at all levels from accounting staff to controller to CFO.  Our focus is helping companies succeed by providing executives with financial clarity.  We provide that clarity by using our accounting outsourcing PRICE™ Methodology.  We put the financial systems in place that deliver timely, accurate and relevant information.  Using this financial information, we provide guidance that allows our clients to grow their business and succeed.  

We currently serve clients from many industries, including government contractors, biotech firms, internet start-ups, publicly-traded, technology, and international firms.  

Our Core Values

Integrity and Honesty — We have aligned our actions with a higher purpose and will ensure that our actions and words are honest and consistent with our beliefs. 

Dedication and Passion — We are committed to our clients and employees and are passionate about delivering our services and their success.

All for One and One for All — We operate as a team and will grow together as a group.  Our clients’ and coworkers’ successes are our successes. 

Dependability — We say what we’ll do and we do what we say we’ll do every time, exceeding expectations whenever possible.  We depend on each other, our clients depend on us, and ultimately we depend on them.  

Humor — Although the work we do is serious we will promote humor in a positive manner to keep the environment fun.

Professionalism — We are dedicated to the successes of our clients.  We believe in life long learning and will strive for continuous improvement in our services.  We will strive to build positive relationships with our clients and colleagues.  

Where We are Heading

Rose Financial Services is expanding nationally and serving clients internationally.  We will continue to help businesses by assisting them in managing their accounting function.  In the process, we are coining another term called “Accounting Inshoring”.  We provide international companies with accounting solutions for their U.S. based subsidiaries. 
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