DCAA Compliance Assessment by Rose Financial Services

DCAA Compliance Risk Assessment

Upon receipt of your information below, a RFS representative will contact you to discuss your company's DCAA Compliance.

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How many employees does your firm have?
What type of Government contracts does your firm have or expect to have this year?:
Has the DCAA audited your firm in the past year? (Yes or No):
Has your firm ever had the DCAA perform a Pre-Award Survey? (Yes or No):
Does your firm have a comprehensive and written Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual that covers timesheets, payroll, billing, accounting, etc.? (Yes or No):
Describe your time tracking system. (Manual or Automated):
What Agencies does your firm have contracts with? (DoD, NASA, DOE, DHS, Intelligence, FAA, Civilian, None):
Is cost data submitted in your firm's proposals?:
Is your firm current in submitting its Incurred Cost Submission?:
Are you a Prime on any of your contracts?:
Is your firm considered a Small Business?:
What accounting software is your firm using?:
Describe any other Finance and Accounting issues your firm is facing.: